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Is Google My Business Listing Important For Small Business?

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What Is Google My Business Listing?

Google my business as the name suggests helps you to build a google business page, it ensures that customers have access to the details they need to visit your site or shop, contact your business or make a purchase.

With a staggering search market share of more than 70% google is the most popular search engine on the planet. Creating a google my business account makes it simple to advertise your company and provide vital information to your target market.

Why Do You Need A Google Business Listing?

If you don’t have a google my business account you’re missing out on a great opportunity to increase traffic and business while still standing out in google you can control how your business appears in google search results with google business listing.

For example it ensures that customers who find your company on google or search for terms related to your products or services get relevant information about it. google my business can help you with obtaining a listing in Google’s local 3-pack.

if you’ve been paying attention to Google’s local search results for the past few years you’ve probably found that the once included 7-pack has now been reduced to a small 3-pack.

Businesses all over the world have been trying a variety of SEO tricks to improve their local rankings and chances of being included in Google’s local 3-pack in order to join this exclusive club. most businesses are unaware that merely creating a free google my business listing will significantly improve their chances of being included on this coveted list.

What’s The Best Thing About Being A Member Of The Local 3-Pack?

You may wonder these listings not only show users where your company is located on google maps but they also appear before organic results giving you a significant boost in visibility to give you an idea of how relevant this is from a business standpoint brands that appear in Google’s local 3-pack receive a 70 increase in clicks compared to brands that don’t, unrestricted access to and engagement with your target market.

The second most important aspect that customers consider when looking for a local business after online reviews is proximity to their venue although a fast google search can help narrow down the options especially on a smartphone the majority of customers prefer to use google maps to find businesses in their area.

Google My Business And Google Maps.

Google maps will quickly populate with hundreds of red markers each showing a local business that fits your search requirements whether you’re looking for local mechanics or a trendy place to get some ramen noodles.

Your store location will start to appear for local searches after you create a google my business listing and complete the verification measures. this is a fantastic feature that allows users to see how close you are to their position in real time, raising the probability of them paying you a visit.

If you run a pest control company for example, getting a google my business account will allow you to appear in customer searches stand out among competitors your google my business profile includes all the details that potential customers would need to connect with your company.

It also includes a short overview to help users easily determine if your company is what they’re looking for to help you demonstrate your importance an effective google my company description provides a snapshot of your business.

Snapshot of your business contains important keywords and purchase something special or authentic your google business summary provides you with an opportunity to stand out from your rivals in the consumer’s initial scan of search results through a small snippet of content don’t overlook this advantage gain customers interest.

Challenges For Modern Consumers.

One of the most difficult challenges for modern consumers is gaining enough confidence to comfortably make a purchase, your responsibility as a business owner is to make the transition as painless as possible one of the easiest steps you can take to accomplish this is to show your prospective clients that your company has a physical location.

Since most consumers have a natural trust and faith in google your company will gain it if it appears in a local search as prospects will be more likely to trust your brand.

Consumers are 2.7 times more likely to consider products that appear on google to be trustworthy this is owing to the extensive process that companies must go through before being listed on google my business.

Google provides a trustworthy atmosphere for users by requiring any brand to complete multiple verification steps before appearing in local searches.

Boost Sales And Traffic.

Another issue that local businesses face is sustaining a rise in high quality website traffic while still maintaining a constant flow of foot traffic through their doors although there is no way to fully stop the ups and downs of the year getting a google my business listing will significantly improve your overall numbers.

Businesses are up to 70% more likely to receive location visits from browsing potentials simply by getting a listing and showing up in local searches. according to google customers who identify a company through its google my business listings are up to 50 percent more likely to make a purchase.

According to the report gain a better understanding of your business the more you know about your clients no matter what type of product or service you offer the more you’ll be able to cater to them.

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Inside Google My Business Listing.

Navigating to the inside section of your google my company page will provide you with a wealth of useful metrics that break down how recognizable your brand is who your target customers are and how they’re interacting with your business this is a great way to see how the company is doing during the year so you can figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

You’ll be able to adjust and enhance the efficiency of your marketing campaign by learning more about the types of customers your company attracts.

Google search results are becoming increasingly sophisticated with answer boxes, related questions and even results appearing in the search suggest drop down menu the advantages that google my business provides to local businesses are only increasing set up your profile now to start reaping the benefits.

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